Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening

Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening

White teeth smile has become a trend which is why everyone is more concerned about their teeth color. The whiteness of teeth gives a solid touch to your smile. Shiny white teeth give you a perfect smile and build your confidence level which can create a great impression among people. But not everyone is able to maintain their white teeth. The reason behind colored teeth is our eating habits which play a significant role in teeth discoloration. The major reasons behind the yellow teeth are as follows:

Poor Dental Hygiene

Brushing and flossing the teeth daily are the common ways to maintain our teeth health. If we are not maintaining our dental hygiene than it can lead to teeth discoloration which will make our teeth look yellow and ugly.


Smoking is proven to be one of the serious reason behind teeth discoloration. The nicotine in cigarettes is responsible for building up layer over the teeth. Regular smoking also increases the chances of cavities in teeth which will further make your teeth look ugly.

Drinking Coffee On Regular Basis

The caffeine which is present in coffee is the reason behind for affecting the enamel of your teeth. The caffeine enters below the surface of teeth and makes them look yellow.

These are few reasons and there are many reasons behind teeth discoloration. We want a teeth whitening system which will help us to get shiny white teeth. There are many teeth whitening products available in the market but one of the leading product is Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen.

Premier Brilliance

How Does It Work?

Premier Brilliance is an effective method to eliminate the problem of yellow teeth.  Premier Brilliance has many ingredients which maintain oral health and also act as a whitening agent. Applying this teeth whitening gel doesn’t require you to consult a dentist. There are some natural ingredients which show phenomenal results within days after using it.

The Ingredients:

Kosher Glycerin

Kosher means no animal by-product and it enhances stabilization of formula for increased whitening performance.

Peppermint  Oil

This essential oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties. Peppermint is said to be beneficial for mouth and gum infections. In addition, it also adds minty fresh flavor.


Another teeth whitening agent that works with an oxidizing effect, unlocking your teeth’s whitest color.

These all are powerful ingredients are present in Premier Brilliance which will bring back your lost smile on your face. This teeth whitener will also help you to save your money as it is cheaper than consulting a dentist. This product does not have any side effects and is absolutely safe to use.

Premier Brilliance Teeth whitening Ingredients

The Benefits:

  • Eliminate plaque
  • High-quality ingredients with no side effects
  • Cheaper than consulting a dentist
  • Results are seen within days
  • Easy to use and application can be done within seconds
  • Removes stain from the teeth
  • Does not cause any irritation

There are various teeth whiteners available in the market that come in form of teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening strips, gels & toothpaste. Premier Brilliance stands apart from these products as it does not have any known side effects and it works as good as professional teeth whitening without harming the tooth enamel.

How To Use This Teeth Whitener?

  1. Step 1: Dry teeth. Rotate bottom of click-pen to dispense gel from opposite end.
  2. Step 2: Apply gel directly onto teeth. Avoid lips from contacting teeth for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Step 3: Rinse after 15 minutes. Do not eat or drink for one hour.

Use twice a day for best results.

Premier Brilliance

Tips To Maintain Whiter Teeth:

  • If possible, gently brush your teeth or use a mouthwash after every meal.
  • Maintain proper hygiene by choosing right kind of foods & drinks.
  • Avoid drinking too cold or too hot drinks if you have sensitive teeth or gums.

Where To Buy?

Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening is available as a Risk-Free Trial Offer. In this internet exclusive offer, you get to try the product for free and pay only for shipping and handling charges. To find out more, visit the manufacturer’s website which also contains information on the product, its ingredients, the benefits as well as the trial offer. Note that Premier Brilliance is available exclusively online and only for the residents of United States.


Premier Brilliance Risk Free Trial