Garcinia Vita – Weight Loss Formula For UK Residents

Garcinia Vita (UK-exclusive) is a weight loss pill that claims to use Garcinia Cambogia to provide fast-acting, side-effect free fat loss.

Garcinia Vita

This unique Garcinia pill also contains Chromium that may provide better results due to its enhanced metabolism.

In this article, I’ll find out if does indeed have what it takes to provide its claimed weight loss results.

I’ll also suggest whether you should use or skip Garcinia Vita.

What Is Garcinia Vita?

Garcinia Vita is a weight loss pill that uses 100% natural ingredients to promote fat loss.

This is one of the thousands of Garcinia pills that claim to burn fat quickly. However, it is one of the few that uses Chromium to promote metabolism.

The weight loss pill is designed for both men and women. It is currently sold online to its UK customers from the official website.

It also makes Garcinia Vita one of the most affordable weight loss pills in the market.

Why Are Garcinia Vita Pills Popular?

The locals in South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia were aware of the appetite suppressing benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit for centuries.

Western scientists found out about this fruit a few decades back.

However, it was the endorsement of Dr. Oz (in the TV show, The Dr. Oz Show) on the telly that made Garcinia Cambogia an overnight sensation.

Now, after a few years since its public-reveal, there are tens of thousands of Garcinia products aimed at the weight loss industry.

Along with Dr. Oz, these pills are also popular because they provide an easier and natural method of weight loss.

In fact, this method of weight loss has helped millions of men and women lose pounds of fat in a matter of weeks.

What’s In Garcinia Vita?

Most Garcinia pills in the market only contain Garcinia Cambogia as their single active ingredient.

But when I analyzed the ingredient list for Garcinia Vita, I found that along with high-quality Garcinia Cambogia, it also contains Chromium.

In fact, this added ingredient may be the reason this pill is outperforming others in the UK.

Additionally, the ingredients used are 100% gluten-free, organic, and non-allergenic.

This allows the product to be sold in the UK without requiring FDA-approval or a doctor’s prescription.

Garcinia Vita Ingredients:

  • HCA (Garcinia Cambogia):
    The rind of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). It is extracted from the fruit and is a natural appetite suppressant. It works to suppress the appetite as well as prevent fat production and storage. This is also why it’s very popular in top-tier fat loss products.
  • Chromium:
    Chromium is an important trace element required for optimal functioning of metabolism and insulin regulation. It is effective at promoting the metabolism of fats, carbs, and sugar. Low Chromium levels in the body can destabilize your insulin resistance and blood glucose levels. Simply put, Chromium helps boost the body to eliminate fat and water weight.

How Does HCA Support Fat Loss?

  1. It Supports Side-Effect Free Appetite Suppression:
    HCA suppresses your appetite by promoting your brain’s serotonin production. The increase in this neurotransmitter volume improves your mood and makes it easier to deal with eating urges.
  2. It Enhances The Body’s Natural Metabolic Rate:
    HCA is also responsible for improving your natural metabolic rate to allow faster fat burn. It also helps promote energy levels while you do the same exercises/activities.
  3. It Inhibits The Production And Storage Of Fat:
    HCA inhibits Citrate Lyase synthesis. This is a catalytic enzyme that supports fatty acid biosynthesis. Reduced Citrate Lyase production inhibits fat production and storage.

Garcinia Vita Benefits:

  • Garcinia Vita Promotes appetite suppression to combat hunger urges
  • Prevents the production and storage of fat
  • Improves metabolic rate for faster fat loss
  • Enhances the mood with boosting serotonin production
  • Elevates energy levels

These benefits are similar to what most weight loss products claim to provide. However, the Chromium may give a more significant boost to the metabolism, leading to faster weight loss.

Clinical Proof That Supports The Use Of Garcinia Vita:

  • 2004 Study (Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism):
    This study evaluated the effects of a Garcinia pill on weight loss. In the end, it is found that HCA improves blood lipid levels while promoting weight loss safely and effectively.
  • 2013 Study (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine):
    This study evaluated the anti-obesity effects of HCA. In the end, it is found that HCA promotes fat burn while suppressing lipogenesis and stabilizing serotonin levels.
  • 2003 Study (Current Therapeutic Research):
    This study evaluated the effects of HCA on the visceral fat buildup. In the end, it is found that HCA reduces visceral fat buildup for men and women with zero side effects.
  • 2011 Study (International Journal of Obesity):
    This study evaluated the effectiveness of weight loss products using meta-analysis. In the end, it is found that Garcinia products provide effective short-term weight loss benefits.

When Should I Take Garcinia Vita?

Most Garcinia pills work best when they are taken regularly for an extended period.

For Garcinia Vita, it’s suggested that you take the pill for at least a few months daily.

As for the dosage, its 1-2 pills a day which can be taken in the morning with water.

For those who want faster weight loss, take two pills a day. But for those who wish to maintain their current weight without gaining additional fat, take one pill a day.

You can also stop and start (taking the pills) whenever you want. This won’t cause any problems, but being consistent will provide faster results.

Garcinia Vita Reviews:

The brand’s official site comes with a few user reviews along with before and after pics of a few real users.

In these reviews, the users describe the benefits of this pill to be fast, effective, and side-effect free.

I also found several independent reviews online that also support this UK-exclusive Garcinia pill.

To read more of these online user testimonials, visit the official site.

What Are The Side Effects Of Garcinia Vita?

No side effects, at least according to the official website for Garcinia Vita.

That said, I also failed to find any reports/complaints about this product causing side effects.

Some people did speak out about how they weren’t happy that the product was only available in the UK. There were also a fair amount of people stating that the lack of multi-buy options makes the ordering process inconvenient.

However, in regards to the effects of the pills, there seem to be no problems.

Garcinia Vita UK Price:

Some people prefer buying their pills from GNC, Amazon, or even eBay. However, I’ve found that the official sites often have the best deals.

It seems that this applies to Garcinia Vita as well since they provide a risk-free trial for all new customers.

This trial offer only requires you to pay a nominal shipping charge (£3.25) to have a 30-day supply of Garcinia Vita Pills delivered to your address.

The trial is ‘risk-free’ because canceling the trial before the 14-day trial period ends costing you £0 for the product. However, if you cancel the trial, you do have to return the bottle to the makers.

Who Makes Garcinia Vita?

Saturnia Holdings Limited is a Cyprus-based supplement maker who distributes this product to its UK customers.

This is a registered company (Reg #: C374276) with a solid track record for its customer service.

Contact the makers if you want additional info or particular queries about Garcinia Vita:

Garcinia Vita Scam: The Facts

Some people have claimed this product to be an internet scam.

Some of these claims are for illegal charges by the manufacturer while others complain about delayed shipments.

However, the fact is that the charges by the manufacturer are 100% legal and binding. In addition, some delivery locations can cause delays that may prevent 1-day delivery.

To sum up, Garcinia Vita is 100% legal and safe to buy from the official site.

Is Garcinia Vita Worth Your Time And Money?

There are thousands of products that only use Garcinia Cambogia to promote weight loss.

However, few products combine Garcinia and Chromium to promote faster weight loss.

In fact, the lack of side effects, affordable online deal, and enhanced weight loss make this product worth buying.

So, if you are in the market for a potent fat loss pill, look no further than Garcinia Vita.


1. Is Garcinia safe to take?

This product is 100% safe because it uses all-natural ingredients that are organic, non-allergenic, and gluten-free.

2. Is Garcinia Vita The Same Product As Garcinia Vita Plus, Garcinia Vita Fit Or Garcinia Vita Trim?

All four of these products are made by different makers. But all four use Garcinia Cambogia as the active ingredient. The biggest difference between them is that Chromium is used in Garcinia Vita. This may give it an added boost in fat metabolism.

3. Is Garcinia Vita safe for children?

Under-18s and pregnant/nursing women should talk to their doctors before using this pill.

4. Do the Garcinia pills really work?

Yes. Millions of people have benefited from using Garcinia pills like this one.

5. When can I buy Garcinia Vita from the US?

This is dependent on when the makers decide to promote worldwide shipping for this product. However, as of writing this review, only UK-residents can purchase the trial offer for Garcinia Vita from the manufacturer’s site.

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