Neuro Max

December 21, 2017 Jess

For those of you who are trying to get ahead of the competition to become the best in your chosen field, you need a set goal, motivation, desire, resources and the brain power to turn your dreams into a reality. One way to boost your [….]

+IQ Points Brain Supplement

October 12, 2017 Jess

Did you know that even after decades of research into the brain, we still haven’t quite figured out how it works? Even the most complex human-made machines can’t compare to the complexity of your brain which can create ideas and miracles in an instant. The [….]

Enhance Mind IQ

July 14, 2017 Jess

Enhance Mind IQ: Think Clearly & Achieve Goals Are you one of the many who has issues paying attention to something for too long? Do you feel the mental fatigue of your brain affecting the overall body functioning? Are you lethargic and feel low energy [….]

Neuro Boost IQ: Think Better As You Age

July 10, 2017 Jess

Getting older is inevitable¬†for all living being and is a natural part of life. Aging in humans also brings about various changes throughout the body which can cause a drop in performance, both physical as well as cognitive. It starts affecting various body parts, including [….]

Focus Nutra Intelligex : Brain Boosting Pills

July 4, 2017 Jess

Do you face a focus span problem during meetings? Do you lose out on paying attention during important conversations? Are you not able to retain things in your memory, which makes you forget regularly? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need [….]

Clarity X

January 16, 2017 Jessica J

Scientists believe that the brain starts to decline at the age 30. Brain cells develop throughout the life and it has the lifelong ability to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences. Remembering details of life’s memories demand the use of the brain. It is [….]