6 Essential Supplements For Middle Age Guys

6 Essential Supplements For Middle Age Guys

6 Supplements That Provide Necessary Nutrients And Boost Hormone Production.

Not Just Protein And Creatine. Consume Age Specific Supplements To Maximize Health And Fitness Goals.

Maintaining your health after you enter middle age is always a difficult task. With all the work, personal and social commitments, unhealthy eating and lack of adequate exercise makes maintaining health up the hill and against the wind. Maintaining diet is the key, along with moderate exercise. But with the amount of processed food

Nitric Oxide:

Vascular arms. Pulsating veins. Is this something that you find interesting? Well then nitric oxide supplements are for you. Nitric oxide supplement or NO supplements do not contain nitric oxide (NO is a gas, DUH!). NO supplements contain amino acids, specifically Arginine. Most widely used form is Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutorate. Arginine helps in nitrogen retention, which in turn causes vasodilatation and boosts protein synthesis. Vasodilatation is a process where our cells expand to hold more blood, thus improving supply of nutrients. With more blood in them, our muscles become bigger and stronger.

NO2-Maximus is a nitric oxide supplement which has quality ingredients mixed in a proprietary formula and has provided many men with significant and safe results.

Although many NO supplements claim to improve hormone production, there is not much to back up these claims. NO do improve HGH levels, but only when you are working out. There are hormone specific supplements available which will help you target that particular hormone.


The male hormone. Testosterone is the hormone that separates men from women. It is responsible for all the masculine features like your muscles, bone density and sexual organs. Testosterone production takes a hit after your cross 26 years of age and declines at the rate of 1-2% per year. Lack of testosterone causes weight gain and diminishes masculine features. Muscles become mushy, energy levels take a plunge, sexual health diminishes and we lose interest in day to day activities.

It is very difficult to maintain testosterone levels without supplements. Testosterone supplements are often mentioned as therapy for raising testosterone levels. Pure Testo Xplode a well known testosterone booster and used by elite bodybuilder. Pure Testo Xplode is also used for testosterone therapy by many men suffering from low testosterone levels.

HGH Supplements:

In order to boost Human Growth Hormone, you must maintain a regular sleeping pattern. High amount of HGH is secreted in a REM cycle and between 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. But as every other hormone, production of HGH diminishes after teenage. Using HGH supplements along with moderate exercise is the only option.

Weight Loss:

In order to curb excessive weight gain, you can consider weight loss supplements. But you must only consume weight-loss supplements which are made from natural ingredients. Ingredients like Pure Garcinia Cambogia are some of the most wide used and provide significant results.

Sexual Health Enhancers:

Almost 1 in every 8 men suffers from poor sexual health. Erectile dysfunction, impotency and lack of desire are some of the major sexual problems men experience in middle age. Exercise and diet help up to a certain limit, but not in every case. Aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto and Horny Goat Weed are effective and safe. To maximize their effects, use a natural sex supplement like Raging Lion, which has above mentioned aphrodisiacs along with other effective ingredients, mixed in a proprietary blend.

Raging Lion is an excellent sexual health enhancement supplement which contains only the top aphrodisiacs and provides significant results. You will experience improvement in size, stamina, endurance and desire within reasonable time.

Colon Health:

If you are not paying attention to your colon health, you must start doing so immediately. Colon Cancer is the second highest killer cancer, but there is no awareness about it. Simple things like drinking enough water, consuming adequate amount of fibres, reducing processed and junk food is a good start. Did you know that our colon can hold up to 30 lbs. of toxins? Doctors often suggest a colon cleanse to maintain optimum colon health. Using Natural colon cleanse supplements is a better alternative, as you can use them at your own home.

Try Vital Cleanse Complete for colon cleanse at home. It is one of the most widely used DIY colon cleanse kit and has shown significant improvements regarding colon health.

These natural supplements will definitely improve your overall health, fitness and immunity by providing you with the essential nutrients that your diet is not providing. Some of the nutrients are scarcely present in our food and you need to supplement yourself with these nutrients in order to avoid deficiency.

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