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From the makers of all famous Acai Berry Products a new product called Super SlimBerry is
launched. Super SlimBerry is a more enriched and powerful product as compared to all other acai products. Made from long time research and feedback provided by Acai consumers,
Super Slimberry ensures weight loss without any kind of side effects.

Super SlimBerry Acai cleanse comes with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction and you won’t be sorry for trying this product. We are sure that you will love Super SlimBerry along with it’s the results. Super SlimBerry Acai works perfectly fine for both men and women who are facing any of the following problems:

  • High Percentage of Fats in Body.
  • Big Belly with problems like Bloating & Constipation.
  • Low Energy Levels.
  • Irregular Bowel Movements.
  • Lots of Toxins inside the body.

In case you are facing any of the above mentioned health problems or problems that are similar to the ones stated above then Super SlimBerry is the product you are looking for. Thousands of people have used Super SlimBerry Acai and have successfully lost weight without any side effects and with increase in energy levels. You will feel light, fresh and energetic once you start taking SlimBerry Acai.

Super SlimBerry helps you burn fats faster as compared to any other product. This is what makes this product quiet different from other Acai products in the market.


Super Slimberry Ingredients:

Acai Berry: Found in the Amazon, the Acai Berry has proven to be three times more powerful than any other antioxidant out there. It has incredible cleansing properties that speed up you metabolism, which will trigger weight loss, ultimately causing fat to burn from your body at a tremendous rate.

Pomegranate Powder: Pomegranate Powder helps to protect cells from damage by dangerous chemicals known as free radicals. As well as gaining the health benefits provided by pomegranate fruit, you can lose weight and get a flatter stomach.

Moringa Oleifera: The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to the Himalayas and is used to help boost energy and mental alertness. Moringa leaves also contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Maqui Berry: The Maqui Berry is one of the most potent antioxidant botanical in the world, nearly quadrupling the ORAC score of any other known fruit or berry. Maqui’s fat-burning qualities that work ceaselessly to free your system of waste, toxins, and stubborn excess pounds.

New Zealand Black Currant: Black Currant increases cellular metabolism promoting weight loss. One of the most beneficial uses of blackcurrant seed oil is that it is a rich source of ‘Gamma-linolenic acid’ (GLA) and Alpha-linolenic acid’ (ALA).

Stevia Leaf: Stevia Leaf aids in appetite reduction and control thus being a very effective aid in weight loss. It is also a sweet tasting herb that provides remarkable health promoting qualities.


Benefits of using Slimberry Acai:

  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Dissolves Fat Tissue
  • Regulates Digestion
  • Advanced Thermogenics
  • Boosts Energy Levels

Don’t waste any more time to get that sexy body. Get it right now!! People using Super Slimberry have seen results and so can you.

If you order right now then you will get a Free Trial of Super SlimBerry for a limited period. The trial bottles are very limited so get yours before they expire. Use SlimBerry Acai as prescribed on the bottle you receive and say goodbye to those extra fats you have been carrying since years.

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11 Responses to SlimBerry Max Free Trial

  1. A. Schoemaker says:

    Loved this from day one… Glad to see it here at a free trial. Decreases my appetite and allows me to spend more hours of my day being productive and happy…

  2. H Griffin says:

    Since first purchasing this product from another retailer a few months back, I have recommended it to many of my friends. We all love it and just cannot get motivated to jump into our day without it. We eat less and are much lighter thanks to the added energy and loger days we are able to keep. Acai Slimberry works great.

  3. Beth Ramos says:

    I have been taking these for a short time, but I already feel a difference in appetite and energy. I plan to keep taking them and can’t wait to see the long-term results!

  4. bertha nelson says:

    Slimberry so far is good the results are noticable would like to order the regular size.

  5. bertha nelson says:

    good product need to know how to continue ordering

  6. Feel Great says:

    I was advised by my holistic doctor to take this after a challenged immune system — first cancer, then years later, a fairly deep radiation wound. There is no ‘high’ or any unusual affect, but eventually I felt a little stronger and felt more energy. It was when I stopped taking it that I recognized how it helped in a steady and subtle way. The added bonus was that it decreased my appetite. After the endless dieting that never worked, here came a healthy alternative that has worked quite well.

  7. M D Pampel says:

    This product is so amazing. I live in Colorado and the elevation can be taxting on my lungs. I started using this to increase my oxygen potential. My energy is better, I feel more awake/alert. I just feel like my cells are all firing so it also increases my energy. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

  8. barbara says:

    I have been using this product for about a month and I wouldn’t go a day without it! Gives me tons of energy, I feel much more clear minded and focused at work and my skin looks much clearer. I have been using this in conjunction with my daily gym routine and have lost almost 14 pounds in the last month. Acai works best as supplementation to your diet or exercise routine, so if you take Acai then sit around and do nothing, you may be disappointed. For me this product really helped curb my hunger though so I ate less without even really realizing it. Regardless of the workout/ diet/ diet pills you are using, this product would be an excellent addition to increase your weight loss results. It also improves muscle tone, I noticed my legs and arms are much firmer and I am looking much leaner since I started. Definitely will be back for more

  9. K Ruggies says:

    I started using slimberry about a month ago and I have been losing 3-4 pounds a week since then. While that may not seem like an astounding amount, it has been a consistent weight loss which I am very happy about. While most diet drops help you drop a few pounds the first week and then stop working after that, these drops are different in that it continues to melt pounds every week. Can’t say that it will do the same for everybody but I am very happy with the results. My wife just started taking them too about a week ago and she has already lost 4 pounds so we will be continuing to purchase this product. Thanks

  10. M Swafford says:

    I’ve shopped around online, bought several different Acai supplements and Slimberry Acai seems to be the best quality Acai available. This product is excellent for aiding in cleansing and detoxing the body, improving energy and boosting the immune system. I personally take a double dose in the morning and another dose in the evening. I find that Slimberry gives me a great natural boost of energy, not like taking a lot of caffeine but more of a clear-headed energetic feeling.

  11. Zexy says:

    i have been taking Slimberry for a week and already lost 5lbs with light exercising. I would recommend this to anyone. will write another review in a month to let you all know if it works past a week or too.

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